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November 2003 - International Jazz Festival "Jazz Province" (Russia).

October, 22-24, 2003 - Estonia, jazz festival.

September, 6-7, 2003 - Tikhvin (Russia), jazz festival.

August, 15-17, 2003 - Moscow, Hermitage Garden, international jazz festival.

July,26 -August, 11, 2003 - Lithuania, tour.

July, 25, 2003 - Moscow, Le Club.

July, 19, 15, 2003 - Moscow, club "The Blue Bird".

May-June 2003 - CD record with J.D.Walter (vocal, USA) and Eugeni Sharikov (bass).

May 2003 - concerts in Yaroslavl, Samara, Kursk, Arkhangelsk, Moscow: Le Club, Club "The Blue Bird", J.V.L. club, St.Petersburg in Jazz International Hall.

12.02-28.03.2003 - Leonid and Nikolai Vintskevich, Tour on USA: Alaskas, Idaho - "Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival", Utah, Washington etc.



27.11.2002 - Murmansk (Russia), Hall of a philarmonic society.

21-24.11.2002 - "Kaamoc Jazz Festival", Finland; Trio "Stekpanna" + Vintskevich duo.

31-17.11.2002 - VII International annual festival "Jazz province":

  • 31.10 - Moscow, Le Club;
  • 1-2.11 - Kursk;
  • 3.11 - Lipetsk;
  • 4.11 - Bryansk;
  • 6.11 - Samara;
  • 7.11 - Tolyatti;
  • 9.11 - Ulyanovsk;
  • 10.11 - Kazan;
  • 17.11 - Tver.

Will take part: trio "Stecpanna" (England), Lembit Saarsalu (Estonia), Dainius Pulauskas (Lithuania), J. D. Walter, the jazz vocalist from USA, works with Dave Liebman and has written down with him CD.

20-22.09.2002 - Leonid Vintskevich, festival "Àqua-Jazz", Tuapse (Russia).

10-20.05.2002 - Leonid and Nikolai Vintskevich, Tour on England with David Goloshchokin and known in Europe "Stekpanna" Trio, in which structure: Steve Kershaw - Bass, Mads Olesen - guitar, Petter Sward - drums.

12.05 - Stradford Upon Avon Jazz club;

13.05 - Oxford, Channel 6 TV BBC radio;

14.05 - University Jazz society;

15.05 - Chester Arms Jazz club, jam with Luis Dagostino

16.05 - Blu-bar Jazz club Nottingham;

17.05 - Oxford conteporary music Festval, "Russian Music: Past, Present and Future" Jacqveline Du Pre Music Building Oxford concert was a big success: there was a really nice review in Oxford Times.


Listen Track (234.70 Kb)


Lembit Saarsalu and Leonid Vintskevich presents songs composed by Dr. Lynn J. Skinner, Landy Star Music Company, 2001, Leonid Vintskevich - piano, Lembit Saarasalu - sax.

Making this record was an easy and enjoyable project. Maybe it was because of our desire to have the music we love deep in our hearts recorded. Maybe we were so passionate about this because we hadn't performed together for months, or because in a few days we were leaving for the USA and wanted to show this album to the author of the tunes, our friend Lynn Skinner.
Having recorded a couple of takes of each song, we understood that the material was ready. It was probably due to a good Steinway, the acoustics of the hall, wonderful spirit and energy of our sound engineer Boris Tikhomirov, and approving glances of my son Nikolai, who was in the studio all this time.

When we showed the album to Lynn we received the approval of this man of talent, whose music was performed by Lionel Hampton, Stan Getz, Dianne Reeves, Slide Hampton and others.

We decided that this recording must be produced and promoted: It was a peak in our lives, which began with the Skinner's Peak, the mountain near where Lynn was born, and where there are a lot of towns with French names: Paris, Montpellier; where today Skinner's family estate is still located there: This album is also a peak of mutual understanding and joy of three musicians, who were born in different parts of the world - Estonia, Russia and America - but in spite of this can speak one language - common and clear for all of them: Leonid Vintskevich.



OXFORD TIMES 24/5/2002 - "The Vigour and Passion", Richard Hollingum on an exciting weekend devoted to Russian music film.

"Last weekend three events started this season of Russian Music Past, Present & Future: a jazz concert, a film and a concert of post-Revolution classical music. Notes from Underground, a project incorporating Stekpanna, an Anglo-Scandinavian trio, and tree of Russia's best jazz musicians, was a thoroughly uplifting experience. David Goloshchokin played a selection of his own tunes and those of Duke Ellington. He kept hanging onto the notes of his electric violin -leaving you wondering if one will end before the next stars. Or being surprised when one finished before you thought it should. Or those long high slow sensual notes that kept going, up and away until they disappeared, becoming part of the atmosphere, as a vapour trail.

There appears to be only one person in Steve Kershaw's life on stage, his double bass. Even between numbers he has his arm around it in a pose reminiscent of young lovers in the park, gently moving forward, nowhere in particular, but the arm of the boy slung over his girl's shoulder. If Kershaw's playing is the epitome of horizontal jazz performance, then Mads Kjolby Olsen is the vertical. A tall man, his whole body tensed with every pluck of his guitar strings, his neck taking on Cardassian proportions as the muscles tightened writing out every note. Petter Svard, with a look and presence that suggested Rivendell, achieved that rare thing with drummers in the Jacqueline du Pre Music Building, a presence sans overbearance.

Where the first set was bright and bouncy, the second, with father and son Leonid and Nikolai Vintskevich, was darker, but full of colour. Peppered with references to Russia's musical heritage, the music pulled you into a narrative that you did not need to understand to feel it.

Despite the differences between two sets, there were some points of touch, not least the sheer enjoyment everyone had in performing - especially the tension that came from each testing the other, pushing them on further and upward. All six planned to retreat to the recording studio the next day, and let us hope that there will soon be a CD".



18-19.05.2002 - Gateway Studio London Recording. The album for the company "Flat Five Records" (www. flat five records.com) is written down. The album will leave in England an autumn in structure:

  • Leonid Vintskevich - piano;
  • Nikolai Vintskevich - sax;
  • Steve Kershaw - bass;
  • Mads Olesen - guitar;
  • Petter Svard - drums.

Gateway Studio it is known for that in it such musicians as Steve Swalow, John Taylor etc., many albums for ECM here were written.

26.03.2002 - Moscow, Le Club: Leonid Vintskevich, Nikolai Vintskevich, Nikolai Klishin (bas), Oleg Yudanov (drums).

24.03.2002 - Lithuania, Jazz festival "Birshtonas - 2002": Leonid Vintskevich, Nikolai Vintskevich, Nikolai Klishin, Oleg Yudanov; many European stars took part in festival - Jukka Perko and others. The concert was written down by the Vilnius radio and TV.

21.03.2002 - Vilnius (Lithuania), Jazz-Club "Neringa": Leonid Vintskevich, Nikolai Vintskevich, Nikolai Klishin, Oleg Yudanov.

14.03.2002 - Kursk, Pedagogical university: Leonid Vintskevich, Nikolai Vintskevich, Nikolai Klishin (bas), Oleg Yudanov (drums).

20.02.2002 - Moscow, Concert hall him. P.Chaikovsky; "In the world of a jazz" - evening of the jazz duets, conducting Vladimir Fejertag, took part: Leonid Vintskevich, Nikolai Vintskevich, Sergey Strukov, Alexey L'vov - Belov, Nikolay Machkasov.

12 - 13.01.2002 - St. Petersburg, the philarmonic society of jazz music, festival "Peter Lada-Jazz", took part: George Garanjan, Alexey Kuznetsov, Igor Butman, Leonid Vintskevich, Nikolai Vintskevich, David Goloshchokin, Gennady Gol'dshtejn.

8-11.01.2002 - Leonid Vintskevich and Lembit Saarsalu's Quartet in tour on Estonia:

  • 8.01. - —oncert Hall "Estonia";
  • 10.01 - Cultural centre "Valgu";
  • 11.01 - Concert hall "Vainemune".


Febrary 2001 year

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Listen Track (234.70 Kb)

Listen Track (234.70 Kb)


"‘ive songs", Landy Star Music Company, 2001, Leonid Vintskevich - p, perc, metallofon, Nicolai Vintskevich - ss, as, Nicolai Emelyanov - dr (1,2 tracks).

"The 9-th of December 2000 in Eisenach (Germany), within the premises of the famous "Jazz Archive", a Symposium took plase; its subject was simply and clearly defined as: "Jazz in East-European countries after the break-up of totalitarian systems": Among all presented compositions, the new album of Leonid and Nikolai Vintskevich "‘ive songs" (Dmitri Ukhov was actually having it by chance) evoked the audience greatest interest - two promoters at once asked for performers' references". ("Drag nach Western" and the way back", authors: Dmitri Ukhov and Vladimir Fejertag, "Jazz-Square" magazine, issue Ļ 1 (33) - 2001, pgs 44-46).

"This album Leonid Vintskevich (p) and his son Nikolai (ss) polished over a year and recorded together with a sideman from Kursk, Nikolai Emelyanov, who is a wizard at percussion. Many years of teamplay with Lembit Saarsalu were extremely fruitful. However, it somehow did not give Leonid enough opportunity to fully realize himself not only as pianist, master of harmony and improvisation, but first of all, as a composer.

And now he did it! This CD reveals Leonid Vintskevich not only a mature master, but also a most interesting jazz thinker in Russia, whose piano performance and uncanny sense of form, as well as striking emotional drive reach the symphony level. At the same time the timbre means to create this power and penetration are not at all supernatural.

Vintskevich Jr., an artistic saxophonist, shows himself, probably for the first time, as a strong-minded and sensitive musician, wonderful partner, whose thought does not simply follow the author's imagination, but deeply penetrates and completes it. This album requires hard work from the listener - he is not expected to passively digest and absorb, but instead invited to join the live play of thought and feeling". (Kirill Moshkov, magazine "Complete Jazz" No24, Jazz releases of summer 2001 Vol. No24).

"We should have something to be proud of, beside missiles and ballet. By the way, a Cyrillic letter in the English language title reflects special Russian spirit in world music. Two musicians, well-known at home and overseas, constant participants of major world festivals - Leonid Vintskevich and his son Nikolai - a pianist and a saxophonist, make up a most original project of music after the style of ECM - this is jazz, not American, but individual and unique. Five songs without words - music tells everything. And as for jazz - everyone says he likes it. So there's just one thing left - to hear it". (Mikhail Mitropolsky, magazine "AUS", # 15 (9-10), 2001, p.56).



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